Harmony Hill International Co., Ltd.

Harmony Hill International Co., Ltd. was formed and established in 2009 in Taiwan.

Our mission is to focus on improving people’s lives in the creation, development, manufacture and marketing of niche healthcare by providing innovative, high-quality rehabilitation products and services.


What’s the eager for people who have difficulty walking due to symptoms such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, joints and spine injury? The answer indeed is relying on their own will & feet to move freely. That is the origin of COGY as well as our mission in cooperation with the team of Tohoku University Japan, which to let people with limited mobility be able to on their own again. As a matter of fact, COGY has made the wishes come true!

The secret to why the legs are able to move

  1. Extend one leg first.
  2. Which stimulates the walking hub located in the spinal cord.
  3. The other leg will move accordingly due to reflex action.

Signals from the brain make our limbs move. In the case of people with a disability, these signals from the brain cannot reach the legs. COGY promotes a reaction from the spine rather than brain, where even the slightest movement in one leg can create a reflex reaction where the opposing paralyzed limb will move. Information from the sensory nerves modulates the neural networks of the brain and spinal cord. We call this neuromodulation.

※ Tohoku University Professor Emeritus – Yasunobu Handa

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